So what is "The Craft of Cannabis"? It's time and attention and experience. It's art and it's science.
Most of all, it's the patience and willingness to coax the best from each and every plant.

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The Greenest Thumbs

You know what's really hard? Growing quality cannabis consistently. You know what makes it easier? Having the smartest people in the industry. The Top Leaf growing team includes decades of experience, a wealth of horticultural knowledge and more than a few PhDs.

Beginning at the Genetic Level

You'll never grow good cannabis from bad genetics. We've travelled the world building our collection of cultivars—strong genotypes filled with potential and ready for greatness.

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A Cannabis Playground

Did you know you can entirely change a cultivar's flavour profile by using different soil? Each phenotype is like a recipe and we're always playing with strains, learning and working out how to make them fun and interesting.

Hands on TLC

The latest technology and automation is great, but it doesn't replace a little personal attention. We spend time with our plants, making sure they are healthy and strong. After harvest, we slow cure them to bring out the natural flavours and trim by hand to ensure every bud is perfect.


The days of secret greenhouses and basement grow ops are over. We grow in state-of-the-art rooms built specifically for small-batch cannabis. It's kind of like having a garden designed by NASA.

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